Thursday, December 14, 2006

Download Audios Goes Live!

Download-Audios.Com is up and running with effect from 13 December 2006.

Through our partners, Spoken Network, we have over 5,000 audio books, reports, and other digital media on a wide range of topics. Our prices are cheaper than most of our competitors and there's no joining fee, no monthly fees and no minimum purchase requirement. You simply pay for what you buy when you buy it. And you download immediately.

If you have the partner, friend, son, daughter or other relative who has everything and you are having difficulty in finding something to buy this Christmas, here's your opportunity. Buy an audio book. They can be heard on MP3 players, computers, in motor vehicles and come in three downloadable sizes intended to cater for all needs.

Why not join the increasing band of people using audio media? Visit Download-Audios.Com today and see what you'd like to listen to as you drive to work, wash the dishes, do some gardening, or otherwise enjoy your time? You won't regret it. Download a free BBC Comedy audio here: and experience the ease of access and quality of our audio.


Robin Henry
Central Australia