Monday, January 2, 2017

Retailers who miss up-selling opportunities

My caravan at a site
When I bought my new caravan several years ago, I had never had anything to do with caravans or caravaning before - I was a complete novice.

My friend Michael, who had owned caravans and also bought the same caravan I had bought, gave me a list of all the accessories I would need, none of which I had even thought about.

It was a Saturday, so we drove to a nearby caravan, camping and fishing supplies shop where I bought:

  1. A drinking water hose and fittings
  2. An inline water filter for the drinking water hose
  3. A sullage hose without fittings (not available)
  4. Two tie down ropes for the awning
  5. A pair of multigrip pliers
  6. A step to get into the caravan
  7. Several plastic wheel chocks, toilet chemicals and a few other things

I walked out of the shop having added about $500 to my credit card.

The caravan had a bare-bones 40mm plastic water pipe near one side of the caravan. That was where we had to fit attachments to reduce it to a 25mm diameter so we could attach the end of the sullage pipe. It took us four or five trips to different hardware shops to eventually cobble together something that would work - another $16!

What occurred to me was that the company who sold me the caravan didn’t mention the need for any of these extras, most of which weren’t optional.

Had they been wise enough, they would have either sold these accessories with the caravan at additional cost or offered new caravan owners a starter’s pack of accessories. Here’s what you will need, tick the box if you’d like us to add them to your purchase price.

Here was a sales opportunity lost.

Admittedly, $500 worth of accessories is nothing compared to a $55,000 caravan, however, sell enough caravans and it not only provides a better service - one-stop shopping for customers, but it would aggregate into a decent additional income.

The options to be selling some of the towing accessories etc is also one that should have been adopted. Throw in some travel books; a camp stove - possibilities are endless.

Some firms are smart enough to sell complementary accessories where the opportunity presents. Is your company?

Who do you know that could expand their inventory and increase their turnover?


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