Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mechanical Engineering: The Gateway to a Promising Career

By Shashank Gupta

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest, but most promising branches of engineering. Several career opportunities available in the field make it a preferred option among the young students in India. The following post throws light on career as a mechanical engineer.

Mechanical Engineering- An Overview

Mechanical engineering is a popular and a broad specialization in the field of engineering. It involves the important concepts of designing, maintaining, analyzing and manufacturing of mechanical systems. A strong knowledge of critical areas like mechanics, thermodynamics, kinematics and energy is the need of the job. Mechanical engineering involves the important principles of physics, engineering and material science. Jobs in the field include designing and maintaining automobiles, aircrafts, medical devices and a wide range of machineries.

Job Responsibilities
The exact job responsibility in a mechanical engineer job mainly depends on the job role and the type of organization you are working with. However, some common responsibilities that constitute a part of this career involve analyzing test results and designs for different mechanical devices, developing & testing a prototype, creating blueprints for manufacturing processes of mechanical devices, analyzing technical problems and other related activities.
Working as a general facilities engineer, a skilled mechanical engineer will be involved in installing new facilities, estimating projects, managing process modification project and scheduling different projects. They could also be involved in finding new and optimizing the existing operations.
One can find a wide range of job roles in manufacturing, technical sales, design and project management. Such fields demand highly skilled engineers. Hence, to perform well in the field, an aspiring candidate needs expert knowledge in science, physics, mathematics, and possess problem solving abilities.

Career Opportunities
A degree in mechanical engineering offers great career opportunities in a wide range of fields, such as teaching, research, military, manufacturing, consulting, and management. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), engineers in this field find lucrative job offers in architecture and several other related engineering services. A strong demand can be witnessed by mechanical engineers in broad industries like Oil & Gas and manufacturing.
Also, according to the BLS, the job openings for mechanical engineers are projected to increase by over 9% by 2020. The lucrative median annual salary of $ 79,500 makes mechanical engineering one of the most sought after career options among the aspiring engineers. However, salary range may vary as per the location, company and economic conditions.
To become a mechanical engineer, one must earn a bachelor's degree in the field. Moreover, the person should possess excellent mechanical skills, mathematical skills, creativity, and be a critical thinker.
Those interested in pursuing a degree in the field can find several reputed engineering colleges in India, which offer degrees in mechanical engineering. Some of them include:
  • Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani
  • Indian School of Mines (ISM)
  • National Institute of Technology
  • R. V. College of Engineering
  • Maharashtra Institute of Engineering
Apart from these colleges, all the reputed Indian Institute of Technology (IITs), including Delhi, Bombay, Kanpur Madras and Roorkee offer degree in mechanical engineering.
Working as a professional mechanical engineer means that you will certainly have to work on different mechanical devices, machines, tools, and engines. If this sounds interesting and remains to be your dream career option, then mechanical engineering is the right option for you.
So, pursue a degree in mechanical engineering from one of the top ranking technical institutions in India and get ready to enjoy a successful career!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Create a Positive Work Environment

By guest author Andrea Hudson
People say that work and pleasure don’t mix very well. However, a little bit of fun and relaxation in the work place will definitely make a dull and uninspired worker brim with new ideas and it will give them inspiration to be more productive and dedicated to their company. One of the things that influences workers the most is their environment. Therefore, creating a nice working place will definitely inspire people to strive to do their best. Here are some things you can change about your office that will create a positive working environment.
Praise Efforts
If you let a good worker work for a whole lot of time and let them do their best without letting them know that you appreciate it, they will stop doing it. It is hard to do your best once you know that nobody’s watching. Therefore, make sure that the best workers are awarded. You can have employee of the month prizes, all sorts of public appreciation for somebody's work. The awards you give can be monetary or gifts. The best are those that have some material value, like vouchers for the local mall, salary bonuses and the like.
Team Building Activities
People that surround you at your work place are very important. Therefore, the more you get along with them, the better you will feel at your work and thus increased productivity and joint efforts. So, it is always a good idea to do some team building activities like breakfast for all, once a week, holiday dinners, paintball weekends and the like. This will get people to know each other and accept each other with their weaknesses and strong points. That is essential in building a team for victory.
Encourage Personal Growth
Even if people don’t perform the way you expect them to perform on their workplace, you should give them a chance to develop. Different seminars, professional and personal growth courses will make your employees feel like they are going somewhere and they will want to strive for more and to be more successful. Enabling them to have such opportunities will definitely make them more encouraged to do better at work and be better workers, employees and colleagues.
Create Pleasant Offices
Nobody likes working at a place that looks awful. It is always depressing and it is never productive. Therefore, in order to make people do their best, you need to engage in creating a really good office designDon’t ever save on those office supplies and all the tools and devices your employees need to do better and faster work. Those things will pay off multifold in terms of work productivity and success. This includes good chairs, ergonomic equipment etc. Also, fast computers, up-to- date software, but also pleasant wall colors, good coffee machines and other details that make a day more pleasant.
All these factors should be taken care of for an excellent office. Some of them require from you to spend some money, but on the other hand, nothing can buy the productivity rates of a satisfied and inspired worker. Therefore, they are worth the money you invest in the workspace.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Iphone 6 Release Date and Specification Rumors

iPhone 6 will be the eighth smartphone in the lineup of Apple iPhones. The speculation of the release date and the specifications started even before the release of iPhone 5s. We do not know in-depth stats but a tougher exterior, boost in power and optimizations are few of the enhancements most expected.  Nevertheless, there are certain probabilities and off course rumors worth discussing.

Specification rumor no.1: Screen Size
This perhaps would be first time in the history of iPhone that two screen sizes of the same phone series will be available. Rumors are that iPhone 6 will afloat in two screen sizes. One speculated size is 4.7 in and the other is phablet-size 5.7in. Though this seems unlikely, but nothing can be said clearly at this moment.

Specification rumor no.2: Screen resolution
A more recent rumor suggests that the display resolution will be enhanced to 1980 by 1080 pixels for a 5 in screen. A full HD resolution seems sensible as a lot of full HD phones are already present in the market.

Specification rumor no.3: The Body
iPhone 6 is anticipated to be the slimmest of all the iPhones. The super thin phone could be named iPad Air.

Specification rumor no.4: Sturdy exterior
A sturdy sapphire screen is expected for the iPhone 6. A sapphire glass will cover the camera lenses and the fingerprint reading devices in the forthcoming products. According to a report, Apple has hit a deal with GT Advanced technologies to manufacture sapphire glass.

Specification rumor no.5: Camera
With a bigger phone, the pixel size is also expected to go up to 12 or 13 megapixels. The rear camera could be upgraded to 3.2MP. A patent is already being granted to Apple for a lightfield camera which will allow people to refocus after clicking. A more possible addition is optimal image stabilization allowing an improved photography with less shaking. Quality refocusing would be a welcome addition. 

Specification rumor no.6: Storage
iPad Air and iPad Mini both have A7 chip with retina display. To make the phone more competent, Apple will be incorporating A8 in their latest phones. One report asserts that Apple is planning to integrate DRAM into the chipset on the A8, bringing it nearer to being a system-on-a-chip.

The release date
There are too many rumors doing the mills about the release date. Some say that iPhone will stick to its usual custom of releasing the phone around fall i.e., September. This would be exactly one year after iPhone 5s.

Some reports assert that Apple would want to stir up the competition by releasing the iPhone in May-June to take the limelight away from Samsung who are planning to launch their new handset Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini around that time. If this happens then it will offshoot a new trend of shorter product cycles. Whatever be the speculations, the good thing is that we will be seeing these handsets this very year.
Next generation of iPhones are expected to run on iOS 7. It is more of a certainty than a rumor.

All these rumors help us to frame a design of the iPhone in our minds. Only time will reveal the truth and efficacy of these rumors. Luckily, we don’t have to wait for too long!

Author Byline

Simon is a freelance writer by profession and Technology-enthusiast at heart. He mainly covers topics related to Technology, Android and iOS Apps, and now days he is passionate to cover and write reviews or issues faced by android and iPhone application developmentservices. He prefers and loves to read about the Changing technology trends and review them of his own.

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